NutriStem® hESC XF




Storage Temp

NutriStem® hESC XF, contains HSA 05-100-1A 500ml -20ºC
NutriStem® hESC XF, contains HSA 05-100-1B 100ml -20ºC

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Defined, xeno-free, serum-free medium, designed to support the growth of human embryonic stem cells (hESC) and human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC)

Traditional human Embryonic Stem Cells culture methods require the use of mouse or human fibroblast feeder layers, or feeder-conditioned medium. These culture methods are labor-intensive, hard to scale up, and it is difficult to maintain human ES cells undifferentiated due to undefined conditions.

NutriStem® hESC XF medium was developed by Biological Industries with a leading group in stem cell research, to enable the maintenance and expansion of human ES and iPS cells with feeder cells or on feeder-independent culture.

Human ES cells (i.e., H9.2, I6, I3.2, H1) cultured in NutriStem® XF hESC medium displayed:

  • The ability to self-renew, by expansion in feeder-free culture conditions (Matrigel), on human-feeder layer (HFF) or on Mouse feeder cells (MEFs);
  • Expression of hESC specific transcription factors and antigens;
  • Pluripotency by the ability to differentiate into the three germ layers (endoderm, ectoderm and mesoderm) in-vitro by EB formation and in-vivo by teratoma formation in SCID mice; and
  • Human ES cell normal phenotype and genotype

NutriStem® human ES & iPS cell culture media provides:

  • Consistent media performance and predictable cellular behavior derived from a defined xeno-free formulation
  • Increased reproducibility shown in long-term growth of over 50 passages
  • Time saving in eliminating the need to prepare feeder cells when choosing to culture on feeder-free layer
  • Cost efficiency obtained in low human recombinant growth factor concentrations (rh bFGF, rh TGFß)


  • Contains human serum albumin (HSA)
  • Complete, ready-to-use (no additions required). Contains alanyl glutamine, and does not contain antibiotics.
  • Designed for both feeder-free (Matrigel) and feeder-dependent culture (i.e. HFF and MEF)
  • H1 hESCs tested
  • For both human ES and iPS cells

Store at -20ºC

18 months

Quality Control
NutriStem® hESC is routinely tested for optimal maintenance and expansion of undifferentiated hESCs. Additional standard evalutions are pH, osmolality, endotoxins and sterility tests.

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