mRNA-InŽ Stem

 mRNA-InŽ Stem,  is a new mRNA transfection reagent specifically designed and optimized for high efficiency mRNA delivery with exceptionally low cytotoxicity in stem cells and  hard-to-transfect primary cells. mRNA-InŽ Stem requires very low amounts of RNA to achieve maximum delivery while maintaining optimal cell viability.

Feature Benefits
  • Maximum efficiency with low amounts of mRNA - Maximally effective with very low amounts of mRNA, significantly minimizing potential adverse off-target cytotoxic effects and supporting maximum cell health and viability.
  • High expression, low toxicity - Achieves high mRNA efficiency and protein expression in embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells while maintaining optimal cell health for uncompromised post-transfection assay results.
  • Robust, versatile performance - Consistently produces efficient transfection across a broad range of stem cells.
Maximum Transfection Efficiency with Low Amounts of mRNA 

mRNA-InŽ Stem achieves maximum transfection efficiency and expression with low amounts of mRNA. Human ES and iPSC-derived stem cells were plated in 24-well plates to give 60-80% confluency on the day of transfection. Low amounts (250ng to 62.5ngs) of GFP-mRNA containing 5-methlycytosine and psuedouridine were complexed with 2-3ĩl mRNA-InŽ in Opti-MEMŽ. Above data shows representative images 24-hours post-transfection of human adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells and normal human iPSC-derived neural stem cells (NSC).

mRNA-InŽ is a Molecular Transfer, Inc. product 

MessengerMAX™ is a product of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.