Say Goodbye to T-Flasks


What is Petaka G3™?

Petaka G3™ is a revolutionary cell culture technology that reduces cell culture contamination, saves space and reduces cell culture media and growth factor expenses.

What can Petaka do for you?

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How Does Petaka Derive Its Benefits? - Features & Benefits Analysis

Key Features...

  • No additional CO2 required for any type of media, although the PetakaG3T device can also be used in CO2 incubators
  • No added humidity required (not influenced by environmental dehydration)
  • The most secure cell culture device against contamination available today (no caps, no openings, no spills)
  • Robust structure (without breakable films)
  • Designed to ship live cells without requiring freezing and dry ice
  • Optimizes media and growth factor supplies
  • Offers 8 times more media volume per incubator capacity
  • Provides 15 times more cell culture surface area per incubator capacity
  • Both PetakaG3T surfaces may be viewed together using any type of light microscope
  • In vitro cell dormancy is easily accomplished
  • Allows storage of pre-filled units that are ready to host cells
  • Easy to handle
  • Operates in any position
  • Completely safe & versatile
  • Each Petaka is individually bar coded for easy tracking
Petaka G3™ Cell Culture Device