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TOPscript™ One-step RT PCR Kit
TOPscript™ One-step RT PCR Kit is ready-to-use PCR mixture containing 4X concentration of components required for RT-PCR in one tube. For reactions, simply add template RNA and a pair of primers resuspended in water. Reverse Transcriptase is an improved version of M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase. It lacks RNaseH activity, and is highly heat stable. Therefore, this product is most suitable to efficiently synthesizing long cDNA by incubating reactions at elevated (50°C) temperature since high temperature helps removal of secondary structure present in long RNA transcripts. In addition, HOT start Taq DNA polymerase is a derivative of Taq polymerase which is greatly improved in both fidelity and yield for polymerase chain reaction. This become more prominent as cDNA to be synthesized is long. In addition, it has a wider range of optimal concentrations of primers.