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Hemp Multiplication Kit
Product ID: C1850


Description: The purpose of this kit is to demonstrate in vitrovegetative propagation. This kit provides the necessary materials to initiate cultures from the seeds and/or stem tissues of hemp. Plant tissues are not included in kit and must be supplied by the user.Please see "Related Documents" tab below for product information, a list of the contents of this kit, and directions for use.

Storage Temp Parts of this kit require different storage temperatures including 2-6°C as well as -20-0°C, please see individual components
Other Notes Please see "related documents" tab for a list of kit contents and instructions for use. Plant material not included with kit
Storage Temp. 2 to 6 °C (some components at -20-0°C)
No information available
No information available

Hemp Multiplication Kit Product No. C1850

Kit Components
Product No. Product Description Amount in kit
N/A Instruction Manual 1
C1898-25 EA Flip-Cap Culture Containers 1
F951-1 EA Forceps, 8” 1
S963-1 EA Scalpel Handle, No. 3 1
S970 Scalpel Blades, No. 10 2
P334-1 Roll pH Strips, 4.5-7.5 1
V886-15 mL Vinegar 1
S803-25 g Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) 1
P067 Plastic Bulb Pipette, 1 mL 5
S391-500 g Sucrose 1
A111-9g Agar 15
I460-100 mL IBA – 1 mg/mL Solution 1
N605-100 mL NAA - 1 mg/mL Solution 1
T7999-10 mL TDZ (Thidiazuron)- 1 mg/mL Solution 1
M519-1L Murashige & Skoog (MS) Medium w/Vitamins 15
D940-20 ea Sterile Petri Dishes 1