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Lab Coat, Large
Product ID: C461


Description: Snap closure, disposable lab coats.

Material Spunbond Polypropylene
Storage Temp Room Temperature
UPC / SKU C461
Storage Temp. Room Temperature
Tariff Code 3926.90.9910
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Product Number: C443 Product Name: Czapek-Dox Broth

Form: Powder
Appearance: White to Off-White Powder
Application: Fungi cultivation
Solubility: Soluble in Water
Typical Working Concentration: 35.01g/L
Storage Temp: 2-6 ºC
Storage Temp of Stock Solution: 2-6 ºC
Other Notes: Czapek Dox Broth is a semi-synthetic medium used for the general cultivation of fungi.
Formula (mg/L)
Ferrous Sulfate, Heptahydrate 10
Magnesium Sulfate, Anhydrous 500
Potassium Chloride 500
Potassium Phosphate, Dibasic, Anhydrous 1000
Sodium Nitrate 3000
D-Sucrose 30000

Application Notes
Czapek-Dox broth is a semi-synthetic broth used for the cultivation of fungi. This medium is prepared according to the formula developed by Thom and Church. Czapek-Dox Broth is the modification of the original medium of Czapek-Dox as per Thom and Raper.

Sucrose serves as the only source of carbon while sodium nitrate serves as the source of nitrogen. Dipotassium phosphate buffers the medium. Magnesium sulphate, potassium chloride, and ferrous sulphate are included as essential ions necessary for growth.

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