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2,6-Dichloroisonicotinic Acid (INA)
Product ID: D2181


INA is employed in the biological study of plant pathogen resistance. It can induce a systemic acquired resistance (SAR) response in plants, 2,6-Dichloropyridine-4-carboxylic Acid

Solubility Methanol; 1% Ethanol
Physical Form Solid
Storage Temp. -20 C
UPC / SKU D2181
CAS NUMBER 5398-44-7
Formula Weight 192.00
Formula C6H3Cl2NO2
Synonyms 2,6-Dichloropyridine-4-carboxylic Acid; INA
Storage Temp. -20 °C
Tariff Code 2933.39.6190
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D2181 2,6-Dichloroisonicotinic Acid

Synonyms: 2,6-Dichloropyridine-4-carboxylic Acid; INA
CAS: 5398-44-7
Formula: C6H3Cl2NO2
Mol. Weight: 192.00
Form: Powder
Appearance: White to Off-white to Faint Yellow to Beige
Application: Plant Defense
Solubility: Methanol, Ethanol
Typical Working Concentration: Varies: 0.7 mM (Vernooij et al., 1995) 0.53 to 530 µM (Schweizer et al., 1997)
Storage Temp: -20°C
Other Notes: Plant tissue culture tested

Application Notes
2,6-Dichloroisonicotinic acid was the first synthetic chemical found to induce SAR (systemic acquired response) (Ward et al., 1991). The mechanism by which this works is 2,6- Dichloroisonicotinic Acid binds the SA-binding protein/catalase and inhibits its enzymatic activity (Conrath et al., 1995)

Conrath U, Chen Z, Ricigliano JR, Klessig DF (1995) Two inducers of plant defense responses, 2,6-dichloroisonicotinec acid and salicylic acid, inhibit catalase activity in tobacco. PNAS 92(16):7143–7147.

References (cont.)
Schweizer P, Buchala A, Métraux J (1997). Gene-expression patterns and levels of jasmonic acid in rice treated with the resistance inducer 2,6-dichloroisonicotinic acid. Plant Physiol. 115, 61–70. Vernooij B, Friedrich L, Ahl Goy P, Staub T, Kessmann H, Ryals J, (1995) 2,6- Dichloroisonicotinic acid-induced resistance to pathogens without the accumulation of salicylic acid. Molecular Plant–Microbe Interactions 8(2), pp.228-34. Ward ER, Uknes SJ, Williams SC, Dincher SS, Wiederhold DL, Alexander DC, Ahl-Goy P, Métraux JP, and JA Ryals. 1991. Coordinate Gene Activity in Response to Agents That Induce Systemic Acquired Resistance. The Plant Cell 3(10) 1085-1094.