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Product ID: F563


Description: D-Fructose, is used as a carbohydrate source in plant tissue culture.

Solubility Water
Physical Form Solid
Storage Temp. Room Temperature
Other Notes Plant Tissue Culture Tested
UPC / SKU F563
CAS NUMBER 57-48-7
Formula Weight 180.16
Formula C6H12O6
Synonyms D-Arabino-hexulose; D-Levulose; Fructofuranose; (3S,4R,5R)-1,3,4,5,6-Pentahydroxy-hexan-2-one
Storage Temp. Room Temperature
Tariff Code 1701.99.4000
Risk Info (R) 36/37/38
Safety Info (S) 36
No information available

F563 D-(-)-Fructose

Form: Powder
Appearance: White to Yellow Powder
Application: Plant Tissue Culture
Solubility: Soluble in Hot Water
Typical Working Concentration: 2.71g/L
Storage Temp: 2-6°C
Storage Temp of Stock Solution: Preparation of concentrated solutions is not recommended as insoluble precipitates may form.
Other Notes: Contains the macro- and micronutrients and vitamins as described by Gresshoff and Doy (1974).

Merck 13, 4295.