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f/2 Guillard's Marine Enriched Seawater without Silicate
Product ID: G3454


Description: Axenic maintenance medium for non-diatom marine phytoplankton, for example Dunaliella salina.

Formulation based on literature published by Guillard & Ryther (1962).
Intended to be dissolved in sea water
1 KG = Approx. 11,100 L or 2,930 gallons
10 KG = Approx. 111,000 L or 29,300 gallons
25 KG = Approx. 277,700 L or 73,360 gallons

Solubility Water
Physical Form Solid
Storage Temp. 2-6 °C
Grams of powder to prepare 1 Liter 0.9
Other Notes Intended to be dissolved in sea water
UPC / SKU G3454
Storage Temp. 2-6 C
Tariff Code 3822.00.5090
Risk Info (R) 8-36/37/38
Safety Info (S) 17-26-36
No information available
C350 Cobalt Chloride Hexahydrate 0.01
C375 Cupric Sulfate, Pentahydrate 0.01
E410 EDTA, Disodium Salt 4.36
F383 Ferric Chloride 1.90
M455 Manganese Chloride, Tetrahydrate 0.18
M651 Sodium Molybdate (VI), Dihydrate 0.006
S802 Sodium Nitrate 75.0
S515 Sodium Phosphate, Monobasic 5.00
Z101 Zinc Sulfate, Heptahydrate 0.022
B140 D-Biotin 0.00050
C242 Cyanocobalamin, Vitamin B12 0.00050
T390 Thiamine HCl 0.10

G3454 f/2 Guillard’s Marine Enriched Seawater w/o Silicate

Synonyms: f/2 w/o Si
Form: Fine to Coarse Powder
Appearance: Cream to light yellow
Application: Marine phytoplankton culture
Solubility: Soluble in Seawater
Typical Working Concentration: 0.09 g/L
Storage Temp: 2-6°C
Storage Temp of Stock Solution: 2-6°C
Biological Assay: Biologically tested with Dunaliella salina
Formula (mg/L)
Sodium Nitrate 75.0
Cobalt Chloride•6H2O 0.01
Cupric Sulfate•5H2O 0.01
EDTA, disodium salt 4.36
Ferric Chloride, Anhydrous 1.90
Manganese Chloride•4H2O 0.18
Molybdic Acid, disodium salt 0.006
Sodium Phosphate, Monobasic 5.00
Zinc Sulfate•7H2O 0.022
Biotin 0.0005
Vitamin B12 0.0005
Thiamine HCl 0.10

Application Notes
f/2 Guillard’s Marine Enriched Seawater is a powder formulation of the vitamins, macro- and trace-element solutions to be dissolved in seawater (S7650). This formulation utilizes EDTA and Ferric Chloride in molar equivalents (NCMA, Guillard and Ryther 1962). This medium DOES NOT contain silicate, so it can be used to for axenic maintenance of NON-diatom marine phytoplankton.
Species documented to be grown in f/2 without silicate: Symbiodinium (Mays & Kempf, 2014)
To make 1L of medium: Dissolve 0.10 g in 0.99L of seawater (S7650) and adjust the pH to the desired range using HCl or KOH. The original formulation, according to Guillard, used a pH of 7.2 +/- 0.1 (Guillard, 1962). Bring the final volume to 1.0L with seawater and autoclave the medium.

Guillard, R.R.L, and J.H. Ryther (1962) Studies of Marine Planktonic Diatoms: I. Cyclotella nana Hustedt, and Detonula confervacea (Cleve) Gran. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 8, 229-239. Mays, M.M. & Kempf, S. C. (2014). Antigenic variation in mucilage secreted by members of the genus Symbiodinium (Dinophyceae). Journal of Phycology, 50(5), 850-859. NCMA. Provasoli-Guillard, National Center for Marine Algae and Microbiota. Available: