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Media Coloration Sampler
Product ID: M5856


Description: See product info sheet for instructions and more information

Storage Temp Room Temperature
UPC / SKU M5856
Storage Temp. 2 to 6 °C
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M5856 Media Color-Coding Sampler

Kit Contents:
Food Color, Blue (Product No. F322) – 1 g
Food Color, Red (Product No. F323) – 1 g
Food Color, Green (Product No. F320) – 1 g
Food Color, Yellow (Product No. F321) – 1 g

Kit Instructions:
Add 10 to 250 mg/L food coloring to tissue culture medium. Finish medium preparation following standard procedures, sterilize medium, and allow it to cool. The color-coded medium is now ready for use.

Application Notes
Using food coloring to color-code plant tissue culture media is a long-standing “trick of the trade” among micropropagation teachers. By color-coding media, students are able to quickly identify basal media containing different concentrations of vitamins and plant growth regulators. The PhytoTechnology Laboratories Media Color-Coding Sampler is designed to allow easy colorcoding of tissue culture media for rapid identification. The sampler can be used with either semi-solid or liquid media formulations with no negative side effects to plant tissues