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Pineapple Powder
Product ID: P862


Description: Pineapple Powder is a mixture of dried pineapple puree and maltodextrin. Can be used as a supplement to orchid replate media.

Solubility Water
Physical Form Solid
Storage Temp. Room Temperature
Other Notes Plant Tissue Culture Tested
UPC / SKU P862
Storage Temp. Room Temperature
Tariff Code 2008.20.0000
Risk Info (R) 36/37/38
Safety Info (S) 36
No information available

P862 Pineapple Powder

Form: Powder
Appearance: Yellow Power
Application: Orchid Media Supplement
Solubility: Water
Typical Working Concentration: 5 to 30 grams per liter
Storage Temp: Room Temperature
Storage Temp of Stock Solution:  
Other Notes: Plant Tissue Culture Tested

Application Notes