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XTS Medium
Product ID: X8454


Description: This medium is semi-selective and is used for the selection of Xanthamonas campestris pv. translucens. Requires the addition of the antibiotics cycloheximide (200 mg/L), gentamycin (8 mg/L), and cephalexin (10 mg/L) to be selective for X. campestris (Schaad & Forster 1985). Originally developed by Schaad & Forster (1985) to test wheat seeds for the presence of X. campestris. Please see the Product Info sheet for more information.

Solubility Water
Physical Form Solid
Storage Temp. Room Temperature
Grams of powder to prepare 1 Liter 28
UPC / SKU X8454
Storage Temp. Room Temperature
Tariff Code 3822.00.5090
Risk Info (R) 8-36/37/38
Safety Info (S) 17-26-36
No information available
A111 Agar 15,000
G386 D-Glucose, Anhydrous 5000
M567 Meat Extract 3000
P775 Peptone from Meat 5000