AmpliClean™ Magnetic Bead-based PCR Cleanup
Increase your throughput and lower your costs with this highly efficient and cost-effective PCR purification kit.

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AmpliClean PCR Clean-up, 5 ML - SKU: AP005
AmpliClean PCR Clean-up, 50 ML - SKU: AP050
AmpliClean PCR Clean-up, 500 ML - SKU: AP500

  • Recover amplicons >100 bp with consistency and high reproducibility
  • Efficient and complete removal of contaminants such as primers, primer dimers, salts and dNTP's
  • Highly stable PCR products at 4°C
  • Efficient recovery of double stranded and single stranded PCR products
  • Fast amplicon cleanup, increasing operational efficiency
  • Easy integration with automated liquid handling system for handsoff workflow
  • Utilizes SPRI bead technology
AmpliClean™ Magnetic Bead-based PCR Cleanup delivers superior quality purified DNA without salt carryover. It utilizes Solid Phaze Reversible Immobilization magnetic bead-based technology (SPRIŽ beads) for high-throughput purification of PCR products. This technique is based on magnetic separation. Therefore, it requires no centrifugation or vacuum filtration steps.

Effcient contaminent removal
AmpliClean™ selectively binds PCR amplicons of 100bp and larger to paramagnetic beads. Excess primers, nucleotides, salts, and enzymer are removed by using a simple washing procedure. The resulting purified PCR product is pure and free of contaminants.

High Recovery
This highly efficient purification system recovers double stranded or single stranded PCR products >100bp. This is done in a consistent and highly reproducible manner. The recovery rate for small and large amplicon sizes is higher than for traditional filtration PCR cleanup methods. For single stranded DNA the recovery rate is slightly less than for double stranded DNA.

PCR products purified with AmpliClean™ can be used in applications such as:
  • Sanger Sequencing
  • Next-Gen Sequencing
  • Library preparation size selection
  • Fragment analysis
Integration with automated platforms
Due to the use of magnetic separation based on SPRI technology, AmpliClean™ requires no centrifugation or vacuum filtration. Therefore, this purification procedure can be easily incorporated in automated liquid handling platforms equipped with a magnetic plate. The AmpliClean™ PCR purification kit can be used manually or automated in 96- and 384-well formats.