AmplifyRP® Isothermal Amplification

AmplifyRP® Pathogen Specific Kits

Agdia's AmplifyRP testing platform uses a patented isothermal amplification technology, Recombinase Polymerase Amplification (RPA), which enables highly specific and sensitive DNA or RNA analysis of plant pathogens in any type of testing enviroment.

AmplifyRP technology achieves the sensitivity and specificity of PCR based testing methods, but has some clear advantages. Unlike PCR, AmplifyRP testing formats do not require thermal cycling. The entire process is completed at a single operating temperature (39C) using a portable hot block or fluorometer. Additionally, AmplifyRP does not require a DNA or RNA purification step. Crude sample extracts can be prepared using a simple extraction buffer and can be tested directly. This makes the testing process very simple and saves the end user valuable time

  • No DNA / RNA purification
  • No thermal cycling
  • No expensive equipment
  • Total assay time: Less than 30 minutes


AmplifyRP® Discovery Kits
AmplifyRP Discovery Kits provide all the reagents necessary to amplify DNA at a single operating temperature (39C) lyophilized into individual reaction pellets. The end-user can design their own primers and probes for a specific target, mix them with our amplification reagents, and get results (generally in less than 30 minutes). RNA amplification is also possible with the addition of reverse transcriptase.

  • Crude sample extraction.  No DNA or RNA purification required
  • Amplify trace levels of template to a range of about 1012 amplicons in minutes
  • Portable.  Can be tailored to work in the laboratory or in the field
  • Excellent alternative to PCR or other isothermal technologies
  • More intuitive primer design compared to some other methods.  AmplifyRP only requires one set of primers and a probe to function properly
  • Collaborative opportunities with a commercial diagnostic company that has several years of experience developing isothermal assays for plant pathogens