Terminator Cycle Sequencing Kit
Improved performance compared to all existing competitors

Single Replacement for all existing Dyes!!

√ Robust and early start

√ Combined with long reads

√ No need for changes in protocol, settings or calibration

√ Based on mobilities of existing versions

√ Ultra-competitive pricing

The BrilliantDyeTM Terminator Cycle Sequencing Kit is a complete kit, based on the trusted Sanger Chain Termination method.

The kit is delivered as a 2.5x concentrated ready-re柑ction premix, fully optimized for a highly flexible chemistry, designed for all kinds of Sequencing applications, including de novo sequencing and resequencing. The kit generates data with uniform peak heights and optimized signal balance to pro查uce long, high-quality reads.

Increased performance
By combining the robustness and better mobility of the dye set, with a novel enzyme and optimized dNTP/ddNTP ratios for longer reads, BrilliantDye is the universal Sequencing kit that can be used for all kinds of applications:

  • Sequencing of (short) PCR products with fast, rapid, or ultra-rapid run modules and High Quality Base Calling for the small fragments.
  • Sequencing of (long range) PCR products with maximum read lengths with standard or long run modules.
  • Sequencing of Plasmid DNA with maximum read length.
  • Sensitive Heterozygote detection with optimized peak heights distribution.

Kit content
The BrilliantDye Terminator Cycle Sequenc枰ng Kit contain all required reagent components for the sequencing reaction in a ready reaction, pre-mixed format:

  • Reaction Ready seq. premix
  • 5X sequencing buffer
  • pGem control
  • M13(-21) primer

Dye set
The kit is optimized to run with various Filtersets (Refer to protocol).

Ordering Information

Cat. no.


RR seq. Premix

5 x Seq. Buffer

pGem control

M13(-21) primer



1 x 192 無

1 x 0.65 mL

1 x 10 無

1 x 10 無



1 x 800 無

1 x 2.0 mL

1 x 10 無

1 x 10 無



10 x 800 無

8 x 2.0 mL

1 x 50 無

1 x 50 無



50 x 800 無

40 x 2.0 mL

5 x 50 無

5 x 50 無


Instrument platforms: The purified extension products can be analyzed by capillary electrophoresis on any of the following platforms:

- Applied Biosystems 310 DNA sequencer

- Applied Biosystems / Hitachi 3100 (Avant) Genetic Analyzer

- Applied Biosystems / Hitachi 3130   (XL) Genetic Analyzer

- Applied Biosystems / Hitachi 3500 (xL) Genetic Analyzer

- Applied Biosystems / Hitachi 3730 (XL) DNA Analyzer


 *Applied Biosystems is a product of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.