CamelPox Virus



The camel pox disease spread mainly by direct contact with infected animals particularly at watering places. Lymph node enlargement and appearance of localized or generalized pox lesions characterized clinical signs. The course of camel pox ranged between 15 to 30 days and occasionally extended for up to 4 months.

Catalog# Product Description Product Type Size
AE-311170-1Recombivirus camelpox virus H3L/p35 IgG ELISA kit, 96 testsELISA Kit 1 Kit
AE-311170-01NRecombivirus camelpox virus H3L/p35 IgG negative control serumSerum1 ml
AE-311170-02PRecombivirus camelpox virus H3L/p35 IgG positive control serumSerum1 ml
CPOX11-SRecombivirus camelpox virus H3L/p35 IgG antiserumAnti-serum100 ul
CPOX11-CRecombivirus camelpox virus H3L/p35 western blot controlWestern blot100 ul
CPOX15-R-10Recombivirus camelpox virus H3L/p35 proteinProtein10 ug