CytoHYB CT500

Denaturation & Hybridization Instrument

(Cat No: CT-ACC601)

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Unique programmable system for automated processing in slide-based FISH procedures

Advantageous Features:
  • Unique design with liquid grooves allows for convenient humidification and stable humidity control in the chamber interior
  • Convenient touchscreen programming
  • Integral USB port
  • Unparalleled heating speed & accuracy
  • Minimal temperature variation
  • Higher humidity range
  • No need for disposable foam strips, or for any other accessory consumables.
Technical/Working Features:
  • Accepting a broad range of sample types
  • Equipped with slide guides that keep slides in place & allow for one-hand placement/removal
  • The low cost unit drastically reduces hands-on time without compromising precision & reproducibility
  • Suitable for a wide variety of denaturation and hybridization experimental strategies
  • Four distinct modes of operation: Denaturation/hybridization, Hybridization, Custom & in situ PCR processes.
  • The integrated heated water tank and secure-sealed heated lid provide experimental consistency to the system, which can process up to 12 slides simultaneously.