Hy-Giene Monitor system (HGM)

Life technologies India is pleased to introduce Hy-Giene Monitor Systems (HGM) is a double sided agar slide for detection and identification of bacterial pathogens commonly found in the industries of food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, dairy, aquaculture, clinic, etc. All HGM systems are manufactured in a GMP facility accredited with ISO 17025, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. HGM is a simple, economical microbiological test system for identification of bacterial pathogens.

Advantages of using HGM
  •  2 tests in one slide - Different agar on each side saves time and money.
  •  Easy to use and time savingUse directly on the work surface, dip into fluids or transfer from a conventional swab. Following incubation, the results are determined by comparison against the chart in the manual. 
  •  Economical - Eliminates the use of swabbing, plate pouring, counting, external services, and labour costs. HGM requires no advance preparation, and no special equipment or training.
  •  High sensitivity and specificity Manufactured with stringent quality standards, and ensure reliable results similar to conventional methods.
  •  CHROMagar mediaEnhance differentiation of pathogens, saves time and labor.
  •  Long shelf life - Up to 9 months.
  •  Storage Temperature - Store at RT, no need refrigerated conditions except for Chromogenic slides.
  • Customized - Hylabs has the widest range of slides and we offer also customized slides for specific requirements

Total Count/Coliforms DS005 Total Count/Lactic Acid Bacteria
DS012 Total Count/Yeasts & Molds DS010 Lactic Acid Bacteria/ Yeasts & Molds
DS016 Yeasts & Molds/Yeasts & Molds DS024 Total Count TTC /Coliforms
DS004 Total Count/Total Count DS026 Total Count TTC /Total Count TTC
DS066 Total Count DC DS017 Coliforms/Coliforms
DS013 Staph/Staph DS052 Marine Agar/Marine Agar
DS021 Coliforms/Yeasts & Molds DS069 Yeasts & Molds/Staphyococci
DS028 Total Count DC/ Total Count DC DS071 Total Count TTC DC /Total Count TTC DC slides
DS023 Total Count TTC /Yeasts & Molds DS046 Total Enterobactereacea / Total Count

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Instructions for use:

  1. Remove paddle from tube by holding it by the cap. DO NOT TOUCH AGAR. 
  2. a. For liquids and solids-(dipping method).
    Dip paddle into sample completely covering the agar and remove immediately. If liquid is insufficient for dipping, pour liquid over the surface of both sides of the paddle. Liquid must be free flowing; syrupy samples or solids must be diluted up to 1:10 with water so that the sample becomes free flowing. Drain excess liquid by wiping tip of the paddle on lip of the vessel containing the sample.

    b. For surfaces- (contact surface method)
    Press the agar firmly on the surface to be tested for a few seconds, being careful not to smear the agar over the test area. Repeat the procedure using the second agar surface on a different site. Replace paddle in cap. Testing hands of employees: press fingers firmly on the agar surface.
  3. Replace the paddle into the tube and close the cap loosely to allow for a free transfer of atmosphere. If the paddle is to be sent to a distant laboratory, close tightly and then upon arrival, open the cap loosely.
  4. Write the relevant details on the identification label and stick on the tube.
  5. Stand the tube in the incubator in an upright position with cap on top.
  6. Read results, compare to chart and register as permanent record (taking into account any dilution performed in preparation of sample)