Cell Culture and Bioproduction

HEMOXCell®/ HEMUPStream®: cell growth activator

HEMOXCell®/ HEMUPStream® is a unique product for cell culture and recombinant protein production. This product not only improves cell growth and viability but also increases bioproduction yields, without requiring any changes in cell culture conditions.

HEMOXCell®/ HEMUPStream®: l'activateur de croissance cellulaire


  Product Information:

HEMOXCell® our product for R&D cell culture

The innovativeness of HEMOXCell® /HEMUPStream® lies in bringing oxygen directly to cells, according to their needs. Using HEMARINA’s hemoglobin, which can bind oxygen from ambient air and progressively release it in hypoxic conditions, large quantities of cells or recombinant proteins can be obtained very quickly without oxidative stress. Hemoglobin M201 works without the need of a cofactor in standard cell culture conditions.

Moreover, HEMARINA hemoglobin has intrinsic superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity against reactive oxygen species (ROS). SOD protects cell culture media against the adverse effects of ROS generated by cell metabolism The immediate benefit of HEMOXCell® /HEMUPStream® is to provide ideal conditions for cell culture with suitable oxygenation and without damage that can be caused by over-oxygenation (e.g. oxygen bubbling) or metabolic wastes.

The main application of HEMOXCell® / HEMUPStream®  is for cell culture in R&D laboratories and bioproduction of recombinant proteins or monoclonal antibodies. Moreover, HEMOXCell® / HEMUPStream®  is a unique solution for difficult cells and low bioproduction yields.