ICMP is an international, publicly available collection of live cultures of fungi and plant–associated bacteria. It has major, worldwide collections of plant pathogenic bacteria, along with rhizobia. The fungal cultures are mainly from New Zealand and the South Pacific region.

The ICMP contains over 18 000 strains of fungi and bacteria.  Most strains are stored using liquid nitrogen or in vacuum–dried ampoules. The ICMP laboratory is a MAF approved PC2 Containment Facility and a Transitional Facility for Microorganisms. The collection is registered as WDCM 589.   Cultures are mainly held for research purposes and to substantiate species records.  

The ICMP database is updated every night, but still is in the beta test phase, please comment on any errors or if you have suggestions. The accuracy of the database depends on information from those who deposit strains in the Collection

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