To address issues of hygiene and eco-imbalance around us, which is a cause of deep concern, Life Technologies, has launched Nano-Radiance™, a Photocatalytic Compact Fluorescent Lamp that acts as a sanitizer, purifying and deodorizer empowers all with a simple, safe and affordable solution to continually sanitize your surroundings without the use of harmful chemicals. It is a technologically advanced, sustainable nanotechnology based solution for air and surface sanitation that uses advanced photo-catalytic process.  

Nano-Radiance™ is a device based on photo-catalysis technology. This takes its inspiration directly from a natural reaction found in nature. It oxidizes and transforms the harmful pollutants in your environment into natural compounds that will continuously purify the circulating air inside the house.



Key Features

  • Kills Germs
    The Next Generation Sanitizing Coating on this bulb not only kills germs, but also decomposes the cell itself along with any toxic products.

    Nano-Radiance™ sanitize your environment by killing various micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, spores and dust mites without the use of any harmful chemical.

  • Removes allergens and irritants
    Purify your environment by destroying airborne allergens and irritants such as pollen, tobacco, smoke and pet dander by simply turning on your light. Eliminates the need for harmful chemicals and UV light commonly used for sanitizing.

  • Destroys pollutants
    Indoor air pollution is measured by Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and chemical contaminants released from various products, appliances and equipment, it is a serious health threat and must be eliminated to provide a safe, healthy and productive environment.  A simple and effective way to destroy harmful chemical pollutants like formaldehyde, styrene and toluene is to switch to Nano-Radiance™ from incandescent lights.



  • It prevents the spread of infectious diseases from deadly viruses and bacteria
  • It maintains the level of microbes in the home environment at an extremely safe level
  • It prevents the build-up of bacteria colonies
  • Nano-Radiance™ also reduces pollution and carbon emissions to fight global warming
  • It is extremely convenient and hassle-free to use
  • The Nano Photo-catalytic Technology employed in the device will oxidize noxious chemical contaminants into harmless carbon dioxide and water by simply switching Nano-Radiance™ on.

Nano-Radiance™ gives 99.99% air purification that reduces microbial and chemical load by breaking it down into simple, natural and non-harmful substances. This also offers an eco-friendly and almost chemicals-free solution that includes a highly-effective process with international technology to disinfect your surroundings from germs and pathogens.

Nano-Radiance™ prevents the spread of infectious diseases from deadly viruses and bacteria. As an added health benefit, Nano-Radiance™ also reduces global warming by breaking down ChloroFluoroCarbons and various Green House Gases into non-harmful products.

Nano-Radiance™ fluorescent lamp has utility at multiple levels and is most suitable for Laboratory, Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Clinical and Dental settings, Biosensitive and Bioburdened facilities, Plant and Livestock storage facilities, Food Processing center, etc.

  • Lasting Duration 5000 hours
  • Available in Set of 6. Please ask for a quote.