Gel/PCR Extraction Kit
EX-GP200 (200rxns)

Binding Buffer BD80 ml
Wash Buffer PE20 mlx3
Elution Buffer (10 mM Tris-HCl, pH 8.5)10 ml
Spin Columns200 each

Gel /PCR Extraction Kit is designed to extract and purify DNA from standard or low-melt agarose gels in either Tris acetate (TAE) or Tris borate (TBE) and from PCR and other enzymatic reaction mixtures. This membrane-based system, which can bind up to 40μg DNA, allows recovery of isolated DNA in as little as 20 minutes, depending on the number of samples processed and the protocol used. The purified DNA can be used for automated fluorescent DNA sequencing, cloning, labeling, restriction enzyme digestion or in vitro transcription/translation without further manipulation.

  • Fast - procedure takes only 15 min.
  • High Efficient – up to 85% recoveries in the range of 50bp-40kb.
  • High purity - OD260/280=1.7-1.9. Purified DNA is ready for downstream application such as PCR, restriction digestion
Fast and efficient extraction of high purity DNA ideal for use in all conventional molecular biology procedures including:
  • Conventional restriction digestion
  • Automated fluorescent or radioactive sequencing
  • PCR
  • DNA Sequencing
  • In vitro transcription