The PCR primers offer a sensitive diagnostic method to detect members of a specific genus of a specific family. The primer sequences are based on conserved genome regions and can detect characterized and unassigned members of the respective genus.

These tests can be used as an aid for Identification of viral etiology of unknown plant diseases, test for known viruses when other tests are not available and can be used to confirm results from other test methods.

The PCR primer product includes a lyophilized mix of forward and reverse primers, PCR quality water and detailed instructions.

ProductCat. No.
PCR Primer for CarlavirusPCR 93000
PCR Primer for CarmovirusPCR 94000
PCR Primer for Dianthovirus GroupPCR 95000
PCR Primer for IIarvirus GroupPCR 96100
PCR Primer for TobamovirusPCR 95100
PCR Primer for Tospovirus GroupPCR 98100
AG1 Lysis BufferACC 00760