Plant Hormones & Proteins
This Phytodetek® enzyme immunoassay presents a convenient method for the quantitative determination of plant hormones in a variety of plant tissues. Much like other quantitative methods such as HPLC and GC, the Phytodetek® kits provide an analysis tool with the added benefit of multi sample analysis for a reasonable cost.

On the other hand, Phytodetek® standard strips provide a fast, easy method to make the standard solutions necessary for select Agdia Phytodetek® ELISA kits. They are HPLC certified standards for the Phytodetek® hormone ELISA. Each standard strip is manufactured in Agdia's patented system that delivers the precise quantity of hormone needed to produce one standard curve.

Product Cat. No.
Phytodetek® Immunoassay Kit for ABA PDK 09347
Phytodetek® Immunoassay Kit for IAA PDK 09346
Phytodetek® monoclonal antibody ABA PDM 09347
Phytodetek® monoclonal antibody IAA PDM 09346
Phytodetek® Standard Strips ABA STD 09347
Phytodetek® Standard Strips IAA STD 09346
Supernatant to Bowman Birk CCS 12600

Phytodetek® Immunoassay Kit Includes:
  • Hormone standard strips, ABA
  • Anti-ABA coated strip plate
  • ABA-tracer, alkaline phosphatase
  • TBS buffer, 20X concentrate
  • PNP substrate tablets, 5 mg
  • Substrate diluent
  • PBST buffer, 20X concentrate, 50 ml
  • Plate sealers