Product Information 3ZOMY Flyer

A single, ready-to-use QF-PCR kit for prenatal aneuploidy analysis of chromosomes 13, 18, 21 and XY.


The 3ZOMY Kit is a DNA-based multiplex QF-PCR (Quantitative Fluorescent Polymerase Chain Reaction) assay designed to test aneuploidy of 5 chromosomes (13, 18, 21, X, and Y) in DNA. DNA can be extracted from prenatal samples: amniotic fluid (AF), chorionic villus (CVS) and fetal tissue samples to determine fetal aneuploidies. A parent (mother or father) sample (blood or tissue) is used as a control for ensuring the origin of the fetal sample and to prevent sample mixing

The product is not intended nor tested to be used for non invasive procedures.


Kit Components

The Kit includes reagents for 50 tests (2 x 25) using the 5-Chromosome PCR Mix, and 25 (1 x 25) additional tests each for Chromosome 21 PCR Mix and Sex Chromosome PCR Mix.

5-Chromosome PCR Mix (Yellow Cap) 20-900-50 part 1 (X2) 500ul
Chromosome 21 PCR Mix (White Cap) 20-900-50 part 2 (X1) 500ul
Sex Chromosome PCR Mix (Red Cap) 20-900-50 part 3 (X1) 500ul
PCR Enzyme (Orange Cap) 20-900-50 part 4 (X4) 25ul



Cat. No.   Product  
20-900   3ZOMY
20-910   5 Color Dye Set 3010/3130/3500
20-911   5 Color Dye Set 310
20-920   560 Internal Size Standard
20-930   DNA Samples for Normal and 21 Trizomy Kit