Pretreatment Reagents & Kits


Designed to wash & stain tissue samples after hybridization for optimal performance of CytoTest's FISH probes


Reagents Provided: Reagents Quantity Storage
20X SSC Salt 1 x 66 g 20蚓 to 25蚓
DAPI Counterstain 1 x 300 痞 2蚓 to 6蚓 Avoid light
NP-40 2 x 2 ml 20蚓 to 25蚓


Optimized to treat FFPE tissues sections for use in  FISH with CytoTest's probes


Reagents Provided: Reagents Quantity Storage
Pretreatment Solution 5 x 50 ml 2蚓 to 25蚓
Protease Buffer 5 x 62.5 ml 2蚓 to 25蚓
Protease 5 x 250 mg -20蚓 to 8蚓


Other Reagents

Catalog NumberProduct DescriptionPack Size
CT-ACC00220X SSC Salt1 x 66 g
CT-ACC004DAPI Counterstain1 x 300 無
CT-ACC001Hybridization Buffer1 x 100 無
CT-ACC003NP-402 x 2 mL
CT-ACC011Pretreatment Solution1 x 50 mL
CT-ACC013Protease 1 x 250 mg
CT-ACC012Protease Buffer1 x 62.5 mL
CT-ACC051-25CytoRed-dUTp1 x 25 無
CT-ACC052-25CytoOrange-dUTp1 x 25 無
CT-ACC053-25CytoGold-dUTp1 x 25 無
CT-ACC054-25CytoGreen-dUTp1 x 25 無
CT-ACC054-25CytoAqua-dUTp1 x 25 無


Fluorescence Microscope Filters

Catalog NumberProduct DescriptionFluorophore
CT-ACC501Cytotest DAPI Single band pass filter setDAPI
CT-ACC502Cytotest Red Single band pass filter setCytoRed
CT-ACC503Cytotest Orange Single band pass filter setCytoOrange
CT-ACC504Cytotest Gold Single band pass filter setCytoGold
CT-ACC505Cytotest Green Single band pass filter setCytoGreen
CT-ACC506Cytotest Aqua Single band pass filter setCytoAqua