Quantitative real time PCR has revolutionized our ability to measure nucleic acid concentrations and is an important step for the validation of expression data generated by microarray analysis and other genomics techniques. This has been facilitated by the development of real time PCR instruments that measure the amount of PCR product produced at each step of the reaction or in "real time".

A variety of applications have emerged as a result of the discovery of real time PCR. These include:

  1. Validation of gene expression data obtained by microarray analysis or next generation sequencing (NGS)
  2. Measurement of DNA copy number
  3. Detection and quantitation of viral particles and potentially lethal microorganisms
  4. mutation/SNP analysis
  5. miRNA expression

Our product portfolio includes:

  1. Pathway PCR Arrays
  2. Real Time PCR Primer Sets
  3. qPCR Master Mix
  4. cDNA Synthesis Kits
  5. circRNA
  6. Housekeeping Gene Primer Sets
  7. Gene Families
  8. Oligo Synthesis
  9. Custom PCR Primer Sets