Anti-wrinkle compound screening kit

The differentiation assay kit provides the tools to study the compounds that stimulate human adipocyte differentiation or lipogenesis. Such compounds may be PPAR. agonists or a combination of thiazolidinediones and glucocorticoids that are potentially useful in the stimulation and maintenance of human fat cells.

This kit is designed to test compounds as potential PPAR. agonists. It is our experience that the PPAR. agonist used as the Positive Control sufficiently stimulates human adipocyte differentiation after 7 days of treatment. The protocol is designed so that the test compounds are also used in a 7-day treatment regimen. The end point assay is total triglyceride content of the cells 2 weeks after the initiation of differentiation.


Representative data set obtained for two concentrations of customer extract using anti-cellulite compound screening service; PC= positive control (1uM Isoproterenol), VC= (vehicle control)

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Wrinkle Treatment Screening Kit (lipid accumulation) KIT DIF-10