Lipid Accumulation Kits

The Adipogenesis Assay kits provide the tools to study the compounds that stimulate cultured human adipocyte differentiation or lipogenesis. Such compounds may be PPARγ agonists or a combination of thiazolidinediones and glucocorticoids that are potentially useful in the treatment of diabetes. The kits are available to test potential PPARγ agonists or glucocorticoid analogs in human cells in a 96 well format. The triglyceride assay kits provide quantitative data on triglyceride accumulation in cultured cells. This assay is suitable for both human and animal primary cells and cell lines. All kits are 96 well format.

Metabolic Disease Research Kits

Item Unit Catalog#
Adipogenesis Assay Kit Glucocorticoid Analogues (REAGENTS + CELLS) KIT DIF-GLUC
Adipogenesis Kit Glucocorticoid Analogues (REAGENTS ONLY) KIT DIF-GLUCNC
Adipogenesis Assay Kit PPARγ agonist (REAGENTS + CELLS) KIT DIF-AG
Adipogenesis Assay Kit PPARγ agonist (REAGENTS ONLY) KIT DIF-AG-NC