Lab Accessories

RNase-Free Gloves

Gloves are certified free of RNase and DNase contamination.
  • Produced specifically for use in nucleic acid research.
  • Made of high quality nitrile.
  • Not made from natural rubber latex.
  • Fully textured surface for easier gripping of objects.
  • Powder free to help reduce the risk of skin irritation.
  • Beaded, tear resistant cuffs.
  • Certified to be free of all RNase and DNase contamination.
  • Double bagged for additional contaminant protection.
  • Serves as a reliable contaminant-free source for RNA work.


UltraClean™ Lab Cleaner

Surface cleaner to remove nuclease and nucleic acid contaminants.
  • Efficiently removes nuclease (DNase and RNase) and nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) contamination.
  • Easily decontaminates a variety of surfaces and labware.
  • Perfect for pipettors, benchtops, glassware and more.
  • Ideal for labware which cannot be autoclaved.
  • Replaces time-consuming processes such as DEPC treatments.
  • Easily wiped or rinsed away.
  • Leaves instruments residue free.
  • Product is ready-to-use.
  • Useful for RNA, DNA and PCR experiments.