Special Cloning Vectors

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Antibody Generation

pFUSE-CLIg and pFUSE-CHIg plasmids are designed to change a monoclonal antibody from one isotype to another human or murine IgG isotype.


is a family of plasmids developed to facilitate the construction of Fc-Fusion proteins by fusing a sequence encoding a given protein to the Fc region of an immunoglobulin_lifetech_india.

Rodent Transgenesis - pBROAD and pWHERE
Optimized Vector for Mouse and Rat Transgenesis


plasmids were designed for the expression of your favorite gene in virtually all tissues of new transgenic mice and rats.


was specifically designed for the determination of temporal expression and tissue distribution of your promoter of interest in transgenic mice and rats.

In vitro & in vivo Expression
Cloning and expression of gene of interest


Single Expression Cassette / One Gene of Interest : strong and constitutive expression in a wide variety of cell lines.


Dual Expression Cassette / One Gene of Interest : expression at high levels in a large number of cell types.


Expression of Two Genes of Interest in vitro : ubiquitous and constitutive co-expression of two genes of interest.


Expression of Two Genes of Interest in vivo : strong and sustained co-expression of two genes in tissues and organs.

DNA Vaccination - pVAC and pBOOST
Plasmids Specifically Designed to stimulate the immune system


is a DNA vaccine plasmid specifically designed to stimulate a humoral immune response by intramuscular injection.


plasmids were developed as genetic adjuvants for DNA vaccines to potentiate the immune response to a specific antigen.
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