Life Technologies India Pvt Ltd is the leading supplier of products in the field of Human Cytogenetics. Through our partnership with Biological Industries Israel, Cytotest Inc. USA & GenoMed Ltd.UK, we offer wide range of products that are suitable for Karyotyping, Fluorescent In-situ Hybridization (FISH) and Quantitative Fluorescent-PCR (QF-PCR) applications

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  • Biological Industries is one of the world’s leading and trusted manufacturer as well as supplier of cell culture media over 30 years.

  • Products are specifically certified for In-Vitro Diagnostics

  • Manufacture under ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, cGMP certified facility

  • CE marked

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  • CytoTest Inc. is a dynamic biotechnology company providing high quality, innovative & affordable Cytogenetics products & services.

  • Cytotest serves to many prestigious customers like - National Institute of Health (NIH), John Hopkins Hospital, MD Anderson’s Cancer Centre, National Cancer Institute (NCI), Center for Prostate Diseases Research (CPDR), The Joint Pathology Center, supporting the Military Health System (MHS), Brigham & Women's Hospital & many more premier institutes.

  • The company has strategic collaborations with various Clinical &Research centres with core strength to customize highest quality products fulfilling the broad spectrum of customer’s need in the field.

  • The products are clinically validated specifically for Prenatal testing, Cancer diagnostics & Personalized medicine.

  • All the products are manufactured under ISO 13485 certified IVD facility & are CE marked

  • GenoMed is technologically a vibrant company in Europe which has worked for almost 2 decades to translate knowledge of Medical Genomics into Clinical Practice

  • The company is mainly concentrating towards the synthesis of specified products targeted towards early & rapid diagnosis of diseases

  • Products are CE, IVD marked

QF-PCR for Male Infertility Diagnostics