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PhytoTechnology Laboratories

Life Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. feels proud in collaborating with PhytoTechnology Laboratories which is an industry leader with over 75 years of plant tissue culture research, product development, media manufacturing and testing experience.

It is a world-class supplier of plant tissue culture media and biochemicals to the plant science market. PhytoTechnology Laboratories' product line has expanded over the years into areas of molecular biology, microbiology, plant pathology, seed testing, phycology, and plant defense.  We also provide a diverse range of plant tissue culture kits and plant tissue culture lab equipments.

  • Most raw materials meet appropriate ACS, BP, EP, or USP specifications.
  • Production of entire media line in accordance with cGMP standards 
  • Custom Manufacturing of Media
  • Assurance of complete confidentiality to customers seeking customized products
  • PhytoTechnology abides by the morals of Quality, Innovation, and Service
  • Lot-to-Lot consistency
  • High Purity

PhytoTechnologies Laboratories Complete Catalogue

Please find below the complete product range of PhytoTechnology Laboratories. You can review each category by clicking the respective links.

Plant Tissue Culture Media
Biochemicals for Plant Tissue Culture
Plant Molecular Biology
Plant Microbiology
Seed Testing
Plant Tissue Culture Ready-To-Use Kits
Equipments for Plant Tissue Culture